NORDAF frontet i Portugal


Portugisisk dagkirurgisk tidsskrift frontet Verdenskongressen i Oslo, 12. - 15. mai 2024, ved å publisere et intervju av vår styreleder Mads Moxness:
How has the Norwegian Ambulatory Surgery Association (NORDAF) contributed to the development of Ambulatory Surgery in Norway?

Mads Moxness (MM): The last 40 years has seen a tremendous shift from in-patient treatment to day surgery for most surgical specialities, due to advances in anesthesiology and technology in the 80´s. We were quite early with forming an ambulatory surgery forum back in 1997, which has now grown into the NORDAF. We try to influence health administrators and hospitals in large to better understand the importance of day surgery, not least the financial gain in such a system, and this has led to a widespread use of day surgery in most regions. We still have a job to do to get policymakers understand the underlying concept of day surgery and the need to focus and train on this type of health care.

What are the main objectives and themes that will be addressed at the International Congress of Ambulatory Surgery - Oslo 2024?

MM: There will be many different topics due to the fact that this type of event is a multidisiplinary congress, but one topic that holds a special interest today is the use of artificial intelligence in day surgery. The program will also be updated realtime and people can take a look on our congress website to find out more on this.

What are your expectations for this event and how do you think the congress will impact Ambulatory Surgery?

MM: I expect it to be one of the most important conferences in the springtime! This is the international ambulatory surgeries showcase to the rest of the world. I am most certain that it will solidify the position that day surgery holds in the countries that already have implented day surgery and I am equally sure that it will help build day surgery in countries that are still without day surgical treatment.

Can you share some highlights of the Congress program and main speakers that are already confirmed?

MM: The scientific part of the program is still in the making, but we have managed to secure very good speakers on most topics and I am personally very excited about hearing about the possibilites for AI in day surgery. We are also proud to announce that Professor Johan Ræder, one of the founding fathers of Norwegian day surgery, will give the Nicoll Lecture on the first day of the congress.

How has the organization of the Congress been going and what are the main challenges encountered?

MM: We have made a decision to have two parallell sessions, instead of three, which will enable a good turnout for all lectures. The work has been divided between a scientific committee and an organizing committee with members from both the Norwegian board and the international board. We still have some work to do, and one particular field we perhaps find more challenging than before is to secure a good number of sponsors, which has to do with a more difficult financial climate worldwide. Still we have managed to keep costs low and congress fees are well within the reasonable range for all participants.

How can we obtain more information about the International Congress of Ambulatory Surgery - Oslo 2024?

MM: Follow us on our social media platforms, especially instagram (@daysurgeryoslo24) for more information in the time to come. Also visit our congress website for information on both the congress, how to register (Remember Early Bird), and information on what to do in Oslo and Norway while you are here (

Is there any special message you would like to convey to potential participants of the International Congress of Ambulatory Surgery in Oslo 2024?

MM: Remember that this congress encompasses the joint efforts of all that work in day surgery, and it is the single most important multidisciplinary medical congress in 2024. In the near future we will see an increased workload in the health sector, and we will have fewer hands to do the work, so we need to work smarter. Strengthening and teaching day surgery is clearly part of the solution! So, Look to Norway in May 2024 and remember that “It´s Only One Day in Your Life!”